Urban Regeneration Project

Size: 324 units
client: Godwin Developments
value: £45m
Period: 2020 – 2024

Located on the corner of Farm Road and Queens Road – and just a five-minutes walk from Sheffield’s main train station -the scheme will form a significant part of the Sheffield Midland Station and Sheaf Valley Development framework.

The area, which is the focus of the next phase of the city centre regeneration, will establish Sheffield as a regional and national development hub, with enhanced connectivity to be delivered by HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR).

The Meridian forms part of Godwin’s larger city centre development plan, which is also in close proximity to Sheffield Hallam University as well as to local amenities and parks; it is expected to create more than 200 temporary jobs during its construction phase, with an additional 30 permanent roles when operational.

This is a key gateway into the city centre, which deserves the prominence and high-quality design that one would expect from such an important site. We look forward to working with our partners and the City Council to ensure that what is delivered sets a new standard for city living in Sheffield post Covid-19.


Potential of BTR

The Meridian Project further demonstrates BTR’s resilience and its importance as a tool for regenerating our cities. The scheme will form an essential component within the next chapter of Sheffield’s City Centre.

As the housing market evolves, it is important that Architects and Property Developers throughout the UK react to changing demands. BTR represents an excellent opportunity to fulfil the increasing demand for high quality city living at prices attainable for a wider range of the market.

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