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Urban Regeneration

With the drive towards zero-carbon and – with more and more of the world’s population aspiring to live in sustainable locations – the rise of high-density urban living will be an essential component of this.  


Bond Bryan are specialists in the masterplanning, design and delivery of high-density, urban regeneration. Regeneration takes time, and we often spend ten years or more on programmes of incremental improvement – giving others the confidence to invest in a specific area.

Kitchener Barracks

As an iconic site with a rich military heritage, it was important that the development should retain its historic features.

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Rotherham Town Centre

Rotherham town centre, like many in the UK is facing challenges as a consequence of local industry decline and decades of under investment.

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Wellbeing Tower

Our aim is to simultaneously improve quality of wellbeing whilst enhancing social, economic and environmental sustainability

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The Meridian

The Meridian Project further demonstrates BTR’s resilience and its importance as a tool for regenerating our cities.

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Royal Arsenal Riverside, Woolwich

Bond Bryan were commissioned to take a luxurious planning-approved, mixed-use and residential scheme through to completion for Berkeley Homes.

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Ecclesall Road

Each building has a unique character, yet between the different parts of the development a harmonious family effect is created amongst them.

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