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The UK Government has required publicly-procured projects, from April 4th 2016, to achieve “BIM Level 2”. For many, meeting these targets has been, and still is, a challenging prospect, for others –  a completely unknown quantity.


For us, the term BIM (which stands for Building Information Modelling) has become synonymous with technology and also gives the impression that it is only about buildings and models. For us, though, BIM offers much more than this and is all about the INFORMATION for all types of built assets. So, we prefer to think of BIM as an acronym that stands for “Better Information Management”. The definition and management of the information is the key part and aims to provide a clearer, more robust and standardised process, that benefits all parties involved in design, construction and maintenance of a built asset.

The fundamental aim, though, of the UK Government’s approach is about changing the AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations) sector from an analogue approach to a fully digital approach. At Bond Bryan Digital, we feel that we can share the expertise and knowledge which we have built up over a number of years with others and assist them on their journeys to a digitally-integrated future.


We can offer Information Management, a core requirement of a “BIM Level 2” approach, to our clients. This service can be to clients, before appointing a team, to help define and document their requirements but also, during a project, to provide the management of documentation and processes to support design and construction teams. Additionally, we can support projects by offering Coordination Management and a number of other specialist digital services.

The UK Government has required publicly-procured projects, from April 4th 2016, to achieve BIM Level 2

Our approach is also fully built around open national and international standards to ensure that information is not just suitable for the design and construction phases, but for the whole lifecycle of an asset.

For more information about Bond Bryan Digital, please contact either Kevin Grayson (Director) or Rob Jackson (Associate Director).


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