We are experts in Education, Residential and Advanced Manufacturing.


Advanced Manufacturing

We must continue to create world-class working environments and outstanding manufacturing facilities in order to compete in an increasingly competitive global economy.

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We understand the key drivers behind commercial development and this understanding governs the way that we think and design.

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Further Education

At Bond Bryan, we have been working with further education colleges - to respond to the ever-changing needs of the sector - for over 25 years.

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Higher Education

The experience of being a student should be central to defining the learning environments of the future.

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We provide strategic and large-scale thinking that is culturally aware and informed by research.

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Modular Construction

Driven by technological advancements and a need for expedient delivery - as well as being backed by government - prefabrication and offsite construction is gaining momentum and is set to revolutionise the construction industry.

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The relationship between life and housing - and the creation of “home” - is at the heart of the Architect’s work in developing living-place solutions.

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Bond Bryan work alongside educators in making a positive difference to education outcomes and enhancing young people’s lives.

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