Residential Project

Each building has a unique character yet a harmonious family effect is created amongst them

Size: 275 homes
client: MAF properties
Value: COnfidential
Period: 2016 – present

The proposal for this project involved the demolition of the existing car showroom and storage building to make way for 136 residential units, varying from 1 – 4 bedroom apartments – 35 of which have been built to Lifetime Homes criteria – along with 40 clusters of 4 – 6 bedroom student groups. This totals 190 bedrooms within the development.

The development itself consists of a two-part twelve storey student accommodation tower and three residential blocks that are all linked together by a first floor landscaped courtyard.

The ground-floor units are let to restaurants, bars, and high-end retailers to further add to the sophisticated style and experience that surrounds Ecclesall Road. Each building has a unique ‘character’, yet between the different parts of the development a harmonious ‘family’ effect is created amongst them.

Each of these buildings functions as a singular, but together as a whole they create a family of structures that respond to environmental and building science considerations through their orientation and relative sitting, thus maximising their natural light and
acoustic privacy.

Innovative Design

We used a combination of augmented reality and virtual reality tools to facilitate the design team meetings on this project, providing a great visual aid to the client and allowing the team to quickly manipulate the plans.

Using innovative tools and techniques such as this allows us to continuously push the boundaries of our communicative capabilities; furthering our ability to deliver projects that exceed our Clients’ expectations whilst minimising uncertainty and risk.

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