Urban Regeneration Project

Size: 215 units
client: Wellbeing places
Value: £25m
Period: 2020 – present

A landmark wellbeing residential site which will feature a broad range of flexible living, co-working spaces, community areas, hard and soft landscaped areas, and feature indoor and outdoor greens.

Community Integration 

Our aim is to simultaneously improve quality of wellbeing whilst enhancing social, economic and environmental sustainability by designing with the intrinsic human need to affiliate with nature. This concept is the integration of nature creating an exemplary eco-suburb of Middlesbrough.

Our design offers us large areas of community gardens and allotments which connect the site’s urban grain to

nature, linking both people and place together through the biophilic design solution. The internal glazed atrium courtyard offers a visual connection inside to outside as well as acting as a wellbeing heart to the cluster

towers. This also ties in to the passive sustainability features that will be applied throughout the building, helping to maximise the natural ventilation and sunlight permeation within the building. Through this environment nature is a multifunctional tool improving health, quality of life and wellbeing in the build.

We want to create a place which contributes positively to whole communities. Enhancing; adding to; and using existing local assets, inspiring and offering potential.

Our aim is to improve economic opportunities and interface with existing providers.

Beyond the practical needs of comfort and convenience, people aspire to live in places which promote health, happiness and, that elusive concept, community. We also value a sense of place: that our wellbeing village has some special and positive characteristics that make it different from others.

Other projects

Aston Fire Station

The existing building is to be fully refurbished with the operational accommodation and appliance bays being retained at ground floor level.

Burntwood Holiday Homes

It is this harmony between the internal and external environments within the scheme which really awards the proposal its unique character and charm.

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