Urban Regeneration Project

Rotherham town centre is facing challenges as a consequence of local industry decline and decades of under investment.

Size: 182 units
client:Rotherham Council & Wilmott Dixon
Value: £31m
Period: 2018 – 2021

Rotherham Council are pursuing a council-led home building program. The town centre, like many in the UK is facing challenges as a consequence of local industry decline and decades of under investment. The council chose to develop homes on three brownfield sites in their ownership. All sites are strategically linked to facilitate private sector development upon completion.

The project was secured via an OJEU process. Due to our relationship with the council and existing knowledge, we were approached by Wilmott Dixon Construction (WDC) to support their bid.

We needed to ensure the scheme was fully compliant with the various regulatory and technical standards to meet the client brief. These included ensuring the homes were set out to South Yorkshire Residential Design Guide, Building for Life 12 and Part M4(2)/(3) compliance, the latter being a specific planning condition attached to this proposal identified at Pre-Application, as well as meeting the client’s quality standards set out in their Technical Guide.

The process involved making various design alterations, and working closely with the client and team consultants to ensure the scheme delivered from both a technical and quality perspective. We have also actively contributed to enhancing the design of the homes by undertaking a Quality and Technical review at the end of each work stage.

This has included proposing changes to the external form by producing high-quality visualisations to assess cladding options which emphasise verticality on the elevation.

BIM has been fundamental to the design of this scheme. Through close working with other consultants in this manner, we have reduced flat type numbers and thus increased the efficiency and placemaking qualities of the proposals, whilst maintaining the high-quality standards of the client and council.

The use of clash detection software has also allowed us to further de-risk the project for the client, post planning modifications and thus saving time and money.

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It is this harmony between the internal and external environments within the scheme which really awards the proposal its unique character and charm.

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