School Project

Building area 540m2

Contract period 2014 – 2015

Project value £1.6m


Rowan SEN Primary School is a small primary school for children who have complex speech, language and communication difficulties.

Acting as a national training school, the Rowan SEN Primary provides training and professional development for teachers, support staff and head teachers within this field, as well as contributing to the raising of standards through school to school support.

It is this recognised excellence – and its continuing outstanding Ofsted categorisation – upon which CYPF have built to develop the Educational Vision for the Rowan.

The existing school was extensively refurbished. Completed in September 2015, both the staff and pupils at Rowan soon settled into their newly-refurbished surroundings. The new-build and refurbishment have made Rowan SEN Primary School into a beacon of excellence.

Other projects

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Tinsley Meadows Primary School

The inventive remodelling of this building has ensured that the spaces within are flexible and easy to reconfigure, and therefore will minimise costs for the school in the future.

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