School Project

Building area 16,445m2

Contract period 2013 – 2016

Project value £27m


The Wilderness Redevelopment project has seen the creation of two schools, positioned carefully together with each other, on the same site in Wilderness, Sevenoaks.  Complementing each other in their form – and creating a cohesive educational campus – the Trinity Free School and the Weald of Kent Grammar Annexe are both designs developed from the Education Funding Agency’s Finger Block – with each building being a unique adaptation, responding to the site’s requirements and the planned curriculum of the school.


Both of the schools have been created in a way that allows maximum re-configurability – meaning that each school’s curriculum can remain flexible at a low cost with regards to building alterations or maintenance. Also located on the site are several facilities for community and public use, such as a 4-court Sports Hall and a Library area.

Other projects

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The existing building is to be fully refurbished with the operational accommodation and appliance bays being retained at ground floor level.

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Factory 2050 is the UK’s first fully reconfigurable assembly and component manufacturing facility for collaborative research.

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