Further Education Project

Building area 2,180m2

Contract period 2015 – 2017

Project value £7m


One of the government’s National College schemes, the National College for Nuclear in Workington comprises a 2 storey, naturally ventilated, bold and striking contemporary design. The building’s form and massing take design inspiration from the Lake District’s mountainous region, with each block reflecting two interlocking mountains coming together into one single sculptural form.


The limited palette of external materials and homogenous careful detailing throughout, strengthens the sculptural form of the building. The use of corten steel cladding references the heritage of the arena contrasting with the dark grey aluminium composite material cladding. Large punched hole windows and curtain walling to the gables offer views into the building, showcasing the activities within, and providing a visual beacon when lit up at night. External aluminium louvres provide both natural and mechanical ventilation in a more contemporary way.

Other projects

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The existing building is to be fully refurbished with the operational accommodation and appliance bays being retained at ground floor level.

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Factory 2050 is the UK’s first fully reconfigurable assembly and component manufacturing facility for collaborative research.

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