Commercial Project

Building area N/A

Contract period 2016 – 2020

Project value £17.5m


Due to the lack of cohesion, in Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council’s (DMBC) Library, Archive and Museum facilities, the need for a single focal point has been identified. Bond Bryan’s design draws  together Doncaster’s rich veins of cultural heritage  through the use of a fluid building-form that uses powerful vertical and storey spaces as a showcase of Doncaster’s culture.

Across the building’s layered form, the Library and Museum facilities take up space across two storeys, whilst the Archives are located underground for the optimal environmental control.  Alongside the main facilities, the design also features a café, an internal courtyard, as well an amphitheatre space for use by local amateur dramatics groups.

Other projects

Volkswagen Showroom

Bond Bryan were able to create a sensitive design over four storeys that gives Volkwagen UK three floors of showroom.

Doncaster Enterprise Centre

Bond Bryan undertook the refurbishment of the historic Doncaster Wool Market, enhancing its appeal and turning it into a high-value asset for DMBC.

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