Celebrating success with a handful of internal promotions

At Bond Bryan, we are firm believers in internal mobility and providing many opportunities for our staff: we love to see our team grow and progress within their roles. With such progression and professional growth comes promotions – and, as such, we are delighted to announce the promotion of several staff within our practice.


Four of our key team members have been promoted to Associate level, alongside two others who are moving from Associate to Associate Director level:

Steve Ridley – Associate Director

Steve is the team leader for Bond Bryan’s esteemed Landscape team. Since joining the practice, only 6 years ago in 2015, Steve has thrown himself into the practice heart and soul – working tirelessly to grow both the Landscape team and our repertoire of landscape projects and clients.

Steve has also been a proven mentor to his team – creating a rich knowledge-sharing environment that ensures that each member benefits from the experience and expertise of their peers.

Steve will continue to successfully steer the Landscape team towards the stunning completion of their vast portfolio whilst evolving the Bond Bryan Landscape brand within Bond Bryan.

Adrian Stubbs – Associate Director

Joining Bond Bryan as a talented Project Architect back in 2015, Adrian has played a key role in helping Bond Bryan’s Westerham studio to diversify and grow its client base over the past 6 years. During his tenure with us, Adrian has been instrumental in the success of several Education Projects, particularly in the HE sector. His people-focussed approach has meant that he has not only been a brilliant mentor nurturing his team, but has also played a vital role in supporting our key clients within the sector.

Adrian will now continue to focus on the Education Sector and also help to further establish the Bond Bryan Living brand.

Nicholas Moore – Associate

A key driving force within Bond Bryan’s London studio, Nick has worked alongside the London team on a portfolio of significant Bond Bryan schemes in London – including his ongoing work with Berkeley Homes on their Royal Arsenal Riverside scheme.

Nick’s meticulous design-driven attitude shines on each and every project that he’s worked on with the practice – whilst also displaying his natural leadership skills when guiding the more junior members of the London studio, where Nick has shown that he is an inspiration – and this promotion is very well-deserved.

Jay Powell – Associate

A relatively new addition to the Bond Bryan team, Jay joined the practice in late 2019 as a Project Architect. Since then, Jay has played a pivotal role in developing the Bond Bryan Strategic offer within the Westerham studio, working on several key projects – including the Helena Romanes School which recently achieved planning permission.

Jay will continue to support our clients and help them to identify and deliver their vision for each project, with a special focus on education projects and further strategic work.

Michael Gibbs – Associate

Michael Gibbs has been working as a Project Architect in Bond Bryan’s Westerham studio since 2015. His sectors of expertise have been Schools, Bluelight and MMC.  Ever the advocate of sustainability and environmental innovations, Michael has always been a respected mentor to his peers, and will continue sharing knowledge and supporting teams – ensuring that staff have the support and knowledge to achieve their sustainability targets.

With this passion for sustainability, Michael will help to drive our 2030 and 2050 carbon reduction and climate targets, beginning the challenge to become a carbon neutral practice.

Dimitris Sofos – Associate

Dimitris joined Bond Bryan in 2018 as a Project Architect with over 15 years of exceptional project experience garnered from his fruitful career. Since joining Bond Bryan, Dimitris has been a driving force in the design and delivery of some fantastic projects, and has proven himself as one of our most creative design talents, time and time again.

Dimitris will continue to collaborate with Bond Bryan’s internal teams and Project Architects within the Westerham studio – incorporating a design and sustainability agenda within the practice that aligns with Bond Bryan’s design ethos and practice-wide strategic targets for business development.

At Bond Bryan, our vision is “people first” – always; so, it is incredibly fulfilling for us to be able to share this news and to recognise the hard work, skill and dedication of our people.


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