Bond Bryan is addressing the complex and evolving challenges created by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Bond Bryan is addressing the complex and evolving challenges created by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our top priority is to continue to provide our usual high levels of service to our clients whilst protecting the health and wellbeing of our colleagues. With regard to health (and taking appropriate precautions), we have followed all guidance from the World Health Organisation and the UK government.

Bond Bryan has a specialist team of senior managers planning for business continuity in the event of any challenging circumstances. This group, led by our Managing Director, is meeting regularly, is in contact with our clients, partners and staff, and will coordinate our responses going forward.

We remain open for business. We have adjusted our methods of working and are, in particular, looking to restrict travel. We request that our clients and project partners ensure that all ‘physical’ meetings are strictly necessary.

We have now adapted our systems to allow all of our teams to make greater use of remote/home working – safely, securely and productively. This involves the use of remote server access plus video conferencing and other collaborative tools; our BIM design-authoring software can be used remotely by our colleagues. In addition, our practice/project management software is cloud-based and all financial systems allow for remote use.

As a result, we are planning for a reduced attendance at our studios, but we remain fully operational. Our teams continue to support all of our clients. We remain committed to helping and responding to your needs, keeping projects on track, and staying in regular communication.

We are confident in the resilience of our business and our ability to continue to provide our full range of services throughout this period whilst supporting the health and wellbeing of everyone.

We remain committed to Bond Bryan’s ethos, which we think is particularly relevant in unprecedented times: to work together, tackling all of the challenges before us creatively and collaboratively. We are encouraged by the knowledge that we have an excellent network of colleagues, clients, partners and friends.

Please stay in touch and stay safe. Jonathan Herbert Managing Director

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