Making a Reality of a 2020 Vision for Modular and Offsite Design

This event focuses on the impact of off-site construction on the client and the design team. We will explore the contemporary demands of learning spaces and what is currently working – and not working – in modular and off-site design.


RISING TO THE CHALLENGE: Why the profession can lead the way
Zubin Masters, Director, Bond Bryan

Often perceived as a threat, the rise of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) presents an opportunity for the architectural profession and designers to engage with the construction industry as it evolves and adapts to a fundamental shift in how buildings are designed, procured and delivered. A switch from mainly traditional on-site construction to mainly modern methods of construction (prefabrication, volumetric, modular, offsite manufacture) using design for manufacture and assembly.

While the overall benefits of this shift are well understood – safer, faster, less wasteful, better quality, more sustainable, and so on – extracting the maximum value from a design perspective is less well understood, and as such, presents designers with significant – but exciting – challenges and opportunities.


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Bond Bryan are currently designing and delivering a number of buildings by deploying a range of MMC solutions. Through the examples of recent and current projects, like the recently completed Robert Clack School of Science in Barking, the presentation will aim to provide:


  • An insight into the implications for, and challenges faced by, the profession.
  • The changing role of Architects – from Designers to Integrators involved in the means of production. Collaborating with the entire supply chain as well as adapting to the sequencing and programming challenges.
  • Delivering high quality customised solutions, whilst maximising value, through standardised components.
  • Comparison of and lessons learnt from the different MMC approaches and systems being deployed in Education Buildings.
  • A glimpse into the advances in BIM andinnovative practices in the Design and Manufacture of buildings.

Date And Time

Tue, March 17, 2020
9:30 AM – 5:15 PM GMT

Event Location

35 Marylebone Road

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