Bond Bryan, Director Matthew Hutton joined key stakeholders from civic and business to discuss how the planning process is impacting the region and what it's future could look like.

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“Narratively we have one of the strongest stories of any city and city region in the UK. We’ve got some world-leading innovations happening in the region and an amazing property story, yet we don’t get out there and shout about it. You can see the differences when you attend MIPIM and Sheffield City Region falls far behind others in terms of prominence.

Whether that’s because there’s a lack of a single galvanising vision for us to collectively get behind, or whether it’s a funding thing, but compared to other regions we are missing out.

Look at Salford, 10 or 15 years ago you would not believe what Salford is now and what it is going to become, and that’s the kind of thing that a unified vision can help create.

Place branding is such an important aspect of the market nowadays and it’s great to see what the Sheffield Property Association is doing on that front and it would be exciting to see if it could be expanded out to the wider city region. If you look at the next generation of kids that are making decisions about where they want to base themselves, you need to create a place online now, and develop a buzz about it, before anything else.”

Matt Hutton, Director, Bond Bryan.

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"Narratively we have one of the strongest stories of any city and city region in the UK"

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