The current Minister of State for Housing & Planning, Esther McVey, has recently visited the Bond Bryan-designed’ Factory 2050 in the AMRC.  She announced the government’s ambition for a new ‘centre of excellence’ for Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) in the north at Factory 2050 – part of the University of Sheffield AMRC – where she met with major developers, small businesses, academics and apprentices.


Bond Bryan commented: “we have long championed the Sheffield City Region as the prospective ‘nerve centre’ for offsite, MMC and modular homes within the UK – and there is a no more suitable location than the AMRC. This belief has now been demonstrated by the UK Government’s visit to the AMRC last month – and it was no surprise to see them promote their confidence in the AMRC as an incubator for accelerated construction to provide the homes that this country crucially needs.   


At Bond Bryan, we have always been excited by the inter-disciplinary influences found in offsite construction – sitting at the core of advanced manufacturing techniques rather than the sometimes restrictive nature of traditional methods. Taking this into consideration, we are well-placed to drive growth in the offsite homes sector with an abundance of experience and expertise in offsite construction – from the education and commercial sectors – which we will bring into the residential market.  Our clients clearly see our proven offsite construction experience in other sectors – that are typically more advanced than residential – as a critical partnership to facilitate their growth within this market


Bond Bryan have two residential schemes that will be realised next year and an offsite ‘task group’ has been set up that brings together the best experience within the business in order to offer a sector-wide expertise for clients at the forefront of offsite construction.


To watch the video of Esther McVey at Factory 2050 click here.

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