SEMH LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS: One size does not fit all


Bond Bryan has significant experience of designing & delivering SEN environments – ranging from Special Schools for ambulant & non-ambulant, SEMH schools, LLDD provision, SRP & SEN provision within mainstream schools. The key lesson we have learnt is that no two schools are similar: there is “no one solution fits all” approach. SEMH (Social Emotional and Mental Health) schools, in particular, bring specific design challenges & these, too, vary greatly from school to school. The young people, using these buildings need environments specifically designed to their needs – nurturing, supporting & empowering them. In seeking to educate these young people, the design of spaces must be tough & protective but inviting & conducive to learning. We have learnt that a SEMH school necessitates – more than ever – a thoughtful design response, borne out of an understanding of the experience of the people who will use the spaces.


Caroline Gibbs, Bond Bryan & Emma Paramor Ex-head Langham Oaks will be discussing the design solution of Langham Oaks SEMH school – a unique high-quality learning & living environment – responding to the very specific needs of the school and its setting.


Education Estates Conference: Architecture & Interiors Stage Tuesday 15th October 12pm

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