At Bond Bryan, we believe in the power of people. As designers, everything we do revolves around the varying facets of the human experience – that of our clients, our end-users and, of course, our staff.

As we’ve shown throughout this year; with a fantastic, award-filled summer, we’re very capable of making waves in our industry. Our people-centric places have earned us, as a practice, much acclaim this year – but it’s also a recognition of the people behind the designs – the people who propel us forward.

It’s with great glee that our year’s industry successes have been translatable to internal successes in the form of the four well-earned promotions to Associate Director for four of our key Northern players, and the promotion to Bids & Communications Manager for one of our Central Bid Coordinators.



A Bond Bryan veteran, Duncan has been with the practice for an impressive sixteen years. An Architectural Technologist by profession, Duncan stepped up to an Associate role a short while ago, back in 2017. Since then, Duncan has excelled and shown himself to be a natural leader, ensuring smooth sailing within his team across a whole host of projects, including the ongoing works at Wyre Forest Emergency Hub, Aston Fire Station and Barnsley Fire Station.

Leading the Red Team, Duncan will be focussing primarily on building Bond Bryan’s Industrial, Residential, Bluelight and Commercial repertoire and blazing new trails into these sectors for the practice to march down.



Having been with the company since 2007, Afshan has spent the past 11 years crafting, shaping and designing the future of education; from large-scale FE College projects to smaller-scale Schools and Academies, Afshan has been instrumental in building the Bond Bryan Education portfolio. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that Afshan has been promoted as part of the recent Bond Bryan restructure.

Afshan, and her newly formed Green Team, will focus on further developing our profile within the School, FE and HE aspects of the education sector. Chief amongst the team’s current projects is the ambitious Nottingham College project – a £35m FE City Hub envisioned to complete the merger of the two pre-existing Nottingham-based colleges.



A homegrown talent, who needs no introduction within Bond Bryan, Jon recently celebrated his 12thanniversary with the firm. One of our most prolific Advanced Manufacturing architects, there’s nary a project upon the Advanced Manufacturing Park that Jon hasn’t had at least a hand in shaping, designing and delivering. As Project Architect for Factory 2050, Jon has shown – time and time again – that he is able to deconstruct and rebuild the traditional ideas surrounding industrial architecture into something new, something slick, something chic.

With a focus on furthering our Advanced Manufacturing, HE and Residential output, Jon will be leading the Orange Team and continuing to push the boundaries of the traditional industrial workplace.



Joining the practice in 2011, James bought with him a keen eye for design and a natural talent for studio leadership. Immediately showing his mettle with the successful delivery of the NUAST project, James went from strength to strength within the business, working on and leading the delivery of some of our most high-profile buildings – including the RIBA Award-Winning Advanced Manufacturing Building for The University of Nottingham. James also built the bridge for the Bond Bryan and SimpsonHaugh connection, which has seen both practices collaboratively land one of our biggest schemes yet.

James’s Blue Team will be centred on furthering the business’s presence within the HE & FE Advanced Manufacturing sectors – hoping to deliver many more successful award-winning projects over the coming years.



Joining the practice early in 2016, Jack has thrown himself – “heart and soul” – into Bond Bryan and, specifically, the Bids Team. Based in Sheffield, but working with all studios, Jack has supported the process of winning many bids over the past couple of years. Throughout the duration of this year, Jack has developed and built upon his role – taking on more duties and branching out into Communications across the business as well as leading the development of Bond Bryan’s new suite of internal and external documents.

Now, as Bids & Communications Manager, Jack will continue to both develop his duties and produce the highest quality work within the Bids Team across the whole Bond Bryan network.


It’s with smiles on our faces that we wish these five fantastic colleagues the best of luck in their new roles, and we all know that they are well-placed to overcome every challenge that may come their way. Well done people, you’ve earned it – now go out there and keep making us proud!

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