Our Managing Director, Jonathan Herbert has been with Bond Bryan for thirty years, THIRTY years. We look back over those thirty years and gain some insight from the man himself.


Do you remember your first day? What was it like?

I just about remember! We rented two small rooms (Jon Bond and John Bryan had started the practice a few months earlier – working on Jon’s kitchen table). I joined three others (an administrator, an architectural technician and a part two architect) in one small room which i thought was very smart because we had lots of potted plants as well as Habitat angle-poise lamps over our drawing boards; there were no such luxuries at that time at my previous employer. There was also a fax machine, which, we all agreed, made us very “cutting edge”. It was very friendly but, on day one, I was asked to draw up a small extension to an existing workshop which, from the photos, looked like it might fall over if anyone touched it; perhaps – fortuitusly – the project did not proceed!


You have been with Bond Bryan for 30 years; why is Bond Bryan such a great place to work at?

The people. Even at the start there was a very friendly culture at Bond Bryan and it is fantastic to be a part of that. The studios are bursting with energy and creativity and there is a certain drive and determination to keep evolving and get better and better. There is a lot of great design that is produced, but, there is also a great sense of humour – a lot of unique characters who make every day memorable and a lot of fun. The most important thing is that we all really enjoy what we do.


What do you see for Bond Bryan in the next 30 years? 

I hope to see more success! We have had a fantastic year this year – we have been fortunate enough to receive some great recognition and some prestigious awards. We have made a bold step forward with the development of our brand and new website and I know, as a business, that we hope to continue to build and maintain relationships with colleagues; when we had our 30th birthday celebrations, it was a real joy to see people whom we’d worked with and now consider friends.





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