Planning permission granted for £35m Ecclesall Road development

Bond Bryan are delighted that planning permission has been granted for Ecclesall Road – a mixed-use residential and retail scheme.

The £35m development looks to renew an acre and a half of a former low-rise and low-density car dealership site, with a high-rise urban scheme of residential apartments, student accommodation and retail space.

Designed in two parts, an eleven storey student building adjacent to Pomona Street and a cluster of three residential blocks rise above a ground floor of retail spaces; the project is then unified around a first floor landscaped courtyard that is shared by residents. The ground floor units will be let to restaurants and bars and higher-end shopping to complement the existing experience on Ecclesall Road.

Director, Darren Southgate commented: “Each building has its very own ‘character’, yet between the different parts of the development, a harmonious ‘family’ effect is created amongst them. Each of these buildings functions as a singular, but together – as a whole – they create a family of structures that respond to environmental and building science considerations through their orientation and relative siting, thus maximizing their natural light and acoustic privacy.
The eleven-storey residential block rises strong in form using dark grey bricks, deep reveals and large-format windows. The Pear Street block is smaller but has softer features and finer detail – curved and splayed corners, top-floor setbacks, warmer coloured bricks – which give a more feminine character. The Pomona Street block is the shortest but most exuberant in character, with warm brick colours, rhythmic window patterns and an articulated zinc clad top: a more ‘youthful’ character.”

Dan Simpson, from developer Hallminster Ltd, said the development would be ‘visually striking’ and a major ‘boost’ to the area. He added:
“It’s an important mixed-use scheme for Ecclesall Road, on a site that has been long overdue for redevelopment. It will be a very high quality project with a community feel and will bring that part of the road alive, providing an important link between Ecclesall Road and the city centre. We kept going when things were tough in 2011 and 2012, ensuring there were still cranes on the skyline of Sheffield, and now this is one of our biggest projects so far.
It will regenerate another part of Ecclesall Road – in keeping with its distinctive character – creating a new sustainable community and providing employment opportunities for the city at the same time.

Residents living in the apartments will have semi-private gardens, roof terraces and balconies, as well as a communal courtyard.

Mr Simpson added: “The development is intended to look visually striking and will have a very high specification.”
It will incorporate environmentally-friendly measures, modern methods of construction – and utilisation of materials that have a relatively low embodied energy will make the development sustainable.”

Construction on site is planned to commence in early 2017 with a completion date in late 2018. 

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