Bond Bryan Goes Digital

Bond Bryan has launched a new service: Bond Bryan Digital.

Bond Bryan Digital has been founded on the same principle to those of our design services: that time spent talking to us is time invested in your future.

Bond Bryan Digital will provide consultancy services to the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry and its clients, sharing our expertise built up over many years and guiding others on their journey to a digitally integrated future. The team aims to manage and deliver digital information and help achieve a step change in the quality of outcomes in construction and the on-going management of built assets (the “BIM” process). This requires sharing information in an open format capable of use by a variety of bespoke digital tools; as a result our approach is built around recognised national and international standards.

The term BIM (Building Information Modelling) has become synonymous with virtual 3D models usually generated by designers. Whilst 3D modelling can be a significant cornerstone of the process, BIM at Level 2 is really about the creation of high quality and coordinated information for the construction and management of built assets.

So we prefer to think of BIM as “Better Information Management”.

Associate Director Rob Jackson said, “Bond Bryan Architects is at the cutting edge of digital development in the UK and working with colleagues to achieve this has meant the practice has acted as a live laboratory to test new ways of working. At the same time we have been sharing information and perspectives with other consultants both within the UK and internationally. I’m very pleased we are able to offer advice that draws upon the significant knowledge that we have amassed.”

From April of this year the UK Government requires publicly procured design and construction projects to achieve “BIM Level 2”, compelling the AEC sector to abandon traditional approaches in favour of a digital approach. For many, meeting these targets will be challenging and for others a journey into the unknown.

Those looking to implement BIM can benefit from Bond Bryan Digital’s “Information Management” service, a core requirement of BIM Level 2. This service can help clients understand the benefits of the process, for example by defining the “Employer’s Information Requirements” (EIR) at the very outset of a project. We can then provide the management of documentation and processes to support the efforts of design and construction teams.

For more information about Bond Bryan Digital and how the team can help you please contact either Kevin Grayson or Rob Jackson at:

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