Strategic Project

Bond Bryan were appointed to provide a 15-year route map to modernise and rationalise the 60,000m2 Faculty of Engineering estate, whilst also planning for significant growth.


Working with the Estates and Faculty teams, we identified and prioritised the key issues and objectives through workshops and exploring how future educational delivery might impact on the nature and quantity of space required. We also undertook detailed space-needs analysis to model a range of 15-year growth scenarios and development options that would deliver their vision.


Critically, our masterplan and delivery programme demonstrated how the framework could meet needs of the rapidly-growing faculty whilst improving spatial efficiency – ultimately demonstrating that the Faculty would be able to accommodate 110% growth in academic activity with just a 60% increase in floor area.

Other projects

Bradford College Property Strategy

We led the Senior Management Team, through a series of workshops, to understand their educational vision and the impact that this might have on the type of space required in the future.

Factory 2050

Factory 2050 is the UK’s first fully reconfigurable assembly and component manufacturing facility for collaborative research.

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